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Medusa Art Print 11X17


A symbol of female rage, Medusa enchanted and seduced, only to turn anyone that looked into her eyes to stone. The myths about the Gorgon sisters are dreadfully bloody which makes them so exciting. I've portrayed our delightful villain here as if she is about the strike. Sexy and terrifying, Medusa is a classic symbol of a woman scorned.

Please note that a "Sean Cox Tattoo" watermark is shown on all my photos on Big Cartel to avoid duplication. Your print will not have that subtle watermark.

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This print measures 11" X 17"

About the paper:

Cover stocks are heavier, somewhat rigid and not easily folded. These paper types are used for magazine covers, business cards, greeting cards, folders, and postcards. As a “cover” stock, this paper is stiff, about like a hockey or baseball card. This 80lb. cover stock is coated with a glossy finish. A gloss finish produces a shiny paper surface, such as that you’d find on a photograph. It can make full color images and graphics appear more vibrant and visually appealing. It also protects the ink from fading and moisture.